Veterinary Drugs

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Veterinary Drugs
Paromomycin sulfate 1263-89-4 DMF
Doramectin 117704-25-3 GMP,DMF
Industtial Sulfanilamide 63-74-1
Sulfamethoxydiazine Sodium GMP,DMF
Hydroxylamine Hcl 5470/11/1 GMP,DMF
Guanidine Nitrate GMP,DMF
Levimisole Hcl 16595-50-5 GMP,DMF
Tetramisole Hcl 5086-74-8
Toltrazuril 69004-03-1 GMP,DMF
Lincomycin Hcl 859-18-7 GMP,DMF
Colistin Sulfate 1264-72-8 GMP,DMF