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Color of pigmentProduct nameColor index No.
Full shadeTint
  Fast Scarlet GNP.R.48:1 
  Fast Scarlet BHNPP.R.48:1 
  Fast Scarlet 259P.R.48:2 
  Fast Scarlet 259BP.R.48:2 
  Fast Scarlet BH-2BPP.R.48:2 
  Fast Scarlet 4825P.R.48:2 
  Fast Scarlet 4827P.R.48:2 
  Fast Scarlet BH-2BSPP.R.48:3 
  Fast Scarlet 5925P.R.48:3 
  Fast Scarlet 4BMP.R.48:4 
  Red Lake OF-08P.R.53:1 
  Red Lake CPP.R.53:1 
  Red Lake CP-BP.R.53:1 
  Red Lake CP-YP.R.53:1 
  Red Lake 5321P.R.53:1 
  Red Lake 5322P.R.53:1 
  Red Lake 5322AP.R.53:1 
  Red Lake 5322BP.R.53:1 
  Lithol Rubine BHNP.R.57:1 
  Lithol Rubine BHDP.R.57:1 
  Lithol Rubine BH-4BPP.R.57:1 
  Lithol Rubine BH-4BPEP.R.57:1 
  Quindo Red 1102BP.R.122 
  Quindo Red 1103BP.R.122 
  Permanent Red BH-3RKP.R.170 
  Permanent Red BH-5RKP.R.170 
  Fast Red A3BP.R.177 
  DPP Red-D20P.R.254 
  DPP Red-D20AP.R.254 
  DPP Red-D20BP.R.254 
  DPP Red-DBP.R.254 
  Fast Orange B-96P.O.13 
  Permanent Orange TR-139P.O.34 
  Benzidine Yellow OF-15P.Y.12 
  Benzidine Yellow OF-15CP.Y.12 
  Permanent Yellow 1148P.Y.13 
  Permanent Yellow G-16P.Y.14 
  Permanent Yellow G-16BP.Y.14 
  Permanent Yellow 277P.Y.83 
  Permanent Yellow 8310P.Y.83 
  Permanent Yellow HRTP.Y.83 
  Pigment Yellow BH-G70P.Y.139 
  Permanent Yellow BH-1501P.Y.150 
  Quindo Violet BH-201P.V.19 
  Quindo Violet BH-1178P.V.19 
  Quindo Violet BH-501P.V.19 
  Permanent Violet HR-256P.V.23 
  Cyanine Blue 191P.B.15:1 
  Cyanine Blue 156P.B.15:3 
  Cyanine Green 311P.G.7 

Our products specifications and application information are based upon our current knowledge. Customers must do the necessary test of individual product before put it into application.
The color shade you see in this web is different with the color shade of our products because of effect of monitor, so the color shade is only for your reference.
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