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Quick Details

  • Model Number: KRT-11 LCD Screen Counter MDI Actuator

MDI Actuator made by our company, with LCD screen counter function, can display remaining doses in MDI bottle after inhaling drugs, helping patient to check medications use.It can help patient to remember used drug times and know the remaining drug times.

Product main structure:
transparent cover, actuator body, PCB panel, dust cap, electronic support, cam, cam cover and internal electronics.
Product using instruction:
1) As the picture shows, in actuator initial state, LCD screen does not display numbers.
2) Open dust cap, take out switch assistive tool, touch actuator switch, and launch actuator count function, at this time, LCD screen shows 205.

 MDI Actuator with Counter

MDI Actuator made by our company, with counter function, can display remaining doses in MDI bottle after inhaling drugs, helping patient to check medications.
Product Main Structure: Transparent cover, actuator body, mechanical clips , dust cap, mechanical support, gear,cam, cam cover, etc.
Product using instruction:
As the picture shows , in actuator initial state, window shows 205.
Open dust cap, windows shows 205.
Press down MDI bottle once, after the drug spraying out, the number in window changes from 205 to 204.

Dry Powder Inhaler(Item code:KRT-D01)


Designed with smooth cuboid shape, it looks like a perfect handicraft in your hand while using. Medical standard materials are adopted for all the product parts. Medical SUS304 material is used for all the stainless steel parts. Each button with two pins in two side, hand-operated capsule puncture.



Way of using
1. Open the upside cover and inner cover step by step; put the drug capsule into the reservoir; cover the inner cover and upside cover.
2. Press the button; drug capsule is punctured by needle; the button goes back to its original place under the action of spring.
3. Revolve the drug capsule when the patient is inhaling drug; the drug powder goes into patient’s lung from capsule under the action of centrifugal force.
4. After drug absorption is complete, open the device and take out the broken capsule. Clean the device with 75% alcohol for the next time use.

MDI Actuator (KRT-09 A modelΦ2.8)
Item code: KRT-09 A2.8               
Size: Φ2.8                                
Spray Hole:Φ0.3±0.05(mm)
Color: As per clients’ requirement               
Material: medical PP                      
Packing: plastic bag, carton; 800pcs/carton