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ProductItem CodePack SzieDietary SupplementFood & Beverage
Plant Protein

Rice Protein 80%HX-P-00120kg Bag··
Pea Protein Isolate 80%HX-P-00225kg Bag··
Potato Protein 60%HX-P-00325kg Bag··
Hemp Protein 60%HX-P-00425kg Bag··
Pumpkin Seed Protein 60%HX-P-00525kg Bag··
Mung Bean Protein 70%HX-P-00625kg Bag··
Lentil Protein 70%HX-P-00725kg Bag··
Coix Seed Protein 70%HX-P-00825kg Bag··
Sports & Energy  Ingredients
Fermentation BCAAsHX-E-00125kg Drum·
L-CitrullineHX-E-00225kg Drum·
L-ArginineHX-E-00325kg Drum·
L-TaurineHX-E-00425kg Drum·
L-GlutamineHX-E-00525kg Drum·
Ascorbic AcidHX-E-00625kg Carton··
SucraloseHX-E-00725kg Drum··
Sodium SaccharinHX-E-00825kg Drum··
Protein PeptideHX-E-00925kg Drum··
Silkworm Chrysalis Amino AcidsHX-E-01030kg Drum··
Silkworm Chrysalis Protein  powderHX-E-01130kg Drum··
Aroma & Savory  Ingredients
Fermentation CysteineHX-F-00125kg Carton··
L-MethionineHX-F-00225kg Carton··
GlycineHX-F-00325kg Carton··
Natural VanillinHX-F-00425kg Carton
Acesulfame-kHX-F-00525kg Carton··
AspartameHX-F-00625kg Carton··
Speciality/Brain Health

L-GlutathioneHX-S-00125kg Carton··
S-Adenosyl MethionineHX-S-00225kg Carton·
MelatonineHX-S-00325kg Carton·
N-Acetyl L-CysteineHX-S-00425kg Carton··

D-alpha-tocopherol oil 1000IUHX-V-001200kg Drum·
D-alpha-tocopherol oil 1100IUHX-V-002200kg Drum·
D-alpha-tocopherol oil 1200IUHX-V-003200kg Drum·
D-alpha-tocopherol oil 1300IUHX-V-004200kg Drum·
D-alpha-tocopherol oil 1430IUHX-V-005200kg Drum·
D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate oil  1000IUHX-V-006200kg Drum·
D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate oil  1100IUHX-V-007200kg Drum·
D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate oil  1200IUHX-V-008200kg Drum·
D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate oil  1360IUHX-V-009200kg Drum·
D-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate  powder 1185IUHX-V-01025kg Can·
D-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate  powder 1210IUHX-V-01125kg Can·
Vitamin D3 100,000IU/gHX-V-01225kg Carton·

Sodium Acetate Anhydours HX-A-00125kgs Bags··
Potassium Acetate HX-A-00225kgs Bags
Calcium Acetate HX-A-00325kgs Bags
Sodium Diacetate HX-A-00425kgs Bags

Lactic Acid 80%HX-L-00125kgs Drum ··
Lactic Acid 60% Powder HX-L-00225kgs bags··
Calcium Lactate Granules HX-L-00325kgs bags ··
Calcium Lactate Powder HX-L-00425kgs Bags ··
Sodium Lactate Powder HX-L-00525kgs Bags ··
Sodium Lactate &Diacetate  Sodium 60%HX-L-00625kgs Bags ··
Ferrous Lactate HX-L-00725kgs Bags ··
Zinc Lactate HX-L-00825kgs Bags ··
Potassium Lactate 50%; 60%HX-L-00925kgs Bags ··
Potassium  Lactate&Diacetate Sodium HX-L-01025kgs Bags ··
Magnesium Lactate HX-L-01125kgs Bags ··
Sodium Chloride HX-O-00125kgs Bags
Potassium Chloride HX-O-00225kgs Bags
Magnesium Chloride HX-O-00325kgs Bags
Calcium Chloride HX-O-00425kgs Bags
Potassium Citrate HX-O-00525kgs Bags
Citric Acid Monohydrate HX-O-00625kgs Bags 
Sodium Citrate HX-O-00725kgs Bags
Ammonium Citrate HX-O-00825kgs Bags
Ferrous Citrate HX-O-00925kgs Bags
Monopotassium Phosphate HX-O-01025kgs Bags
Dipotassium Phosphate HX-O-01125kgs Bags
Potassium Metaphosphate HX-O-01225kgs Bags
Magnesium Sulfate HX-O-01325kgs Bags
Ferrous Sulfate HX-O-01425kgs Bags
Zinc Sulfate HX-O-01525kgs Bags
Urea HX-O-01625kgs Bags
Sodium Lactate HX-O-01725kgs Bags
Lactate Acid Solution HX-O-01825kgs Bags
Glycine HX-O-01925kgs Bags
Xylitol HX-O-02025kgs Bags 
Gelatin HX-O-02125kgs Bags 
Dextrose Anhydrous HX-O-02225kgs Bags 
Dextrose Monohydrate HX-O-00525kgs Bags