Sports & Energy Ingredients

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Product Name CAS NO. Documentation
Sports & Energy Ingredients
Fermentation BCAAs HX-E-001 25kg Drum
L-Citrulline HX-E-002 25kg Drum
L-Arginine HX-E-003 25kg Drum
L-Taurine HX-E-004 25kg Drum
L-Glutamine HX-E-005 25kg Drum
Ascorbic Acid HX-E-006 25kg Carton
Sucralose HX-E-007 25kg Drum
Sodium Saccharin HX-E-008 25kg Drum
Protein Peptide HX-E-009 25kg Drum
Silkworm Chrysalis Amino Acids HX-E-010 30kg Drum
Silkworm Chrysalis Protein powder HX-E-011 30kg Drum